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>Every Maccard on the planet seems to think pirating OS X is an oh so terrible thing to do

First, who are those "Maccards" you are reffering to? Perhaps you meant to say "OS X user" or "persons who likes Apple stuff".

Second, a lot of us OS X user could not care less if you pirated OS X or not. Matter of fact, I know several people with genuine Macs that also run a Hackintosh (and I experimented with one a while ago).

>(to the point that parent post is bringing up poems about it like its a cute, non-weird thing).

The poem is placed by Apple developers, inside the OS X internels. IIRC, it's loaded in a .kext (a kernel extension). That's cute, especially it being a flippant poem and not some 20 page long legal text. In essense, it's a small easter egg.

It's not like random Apple users write poems about not pirating OS X, which seems to be your impression.

>At the same time pirating everything else on the planet seemingly is OK.

"Maccards think pirating OS X is very bad" (wrong) "At the same time pirating everything else on the planet seemingly is OK" (wrong again).

Even if "Maccards" (sic) thought that pirating OS X is bad, who told you it's the same persons that think pirating everything else is OK?

>I've never understood the rationale behind this.

The problem might be that what you believe goes on is not happening in the first place.

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