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What is a Maccard? I've never heard anyone say that pirating OS X was more ok than any other kind of piracy.

I guess it's something like a Wintard/Lintard - only with more disposable income.

Who said anything about tards? I said Maccard and there is nothing derogative about it. Jeez.

I thought it was Mactard.

Then you read it again and see that nowhere in that post was the phrase "tard" anywhere to be seen.

Maccard = a word for a mac-user person thingie. There's nothing derogative about that.

If people read it as you did though, that might explain the downvotes.

How about "Mac user"? Avoids confusion...

Or perhaps Mactart for those that like flashing their devices publicly.

Maccard = Mac user.

And the attitude I've seen (especially in the OSX 86 community) is that general piracy is completely OK, but you have to buy OS X from Apple, otherwise you are doing something super-duper wrong. Then they move on to pirate Photoshop.

It's a mind-bending sort of ethics, and I was curious about what the reasoning behind it was.

I've never once come across this. I've come across Mac people that pirate stuff, and Mac people who don't and think that's wrong. That's fine, different people are entitled to their own opinions. But never once I have a come across anyone suggest that pirating other stuff is OK, but not Apple software.

That's not the mac using community as a whole then, is it. It's exactly the same a saying that all user of open source software are cheap because they don't want to pay for software. An entirely ridiculous statement that I'm sure you'll find abhorrent for many different reasons.

By OSX 86 community do you mean Hackintosh users?

If so, Hackintoshes are, from Apple's point of view, piracy anyway. Apple makes no money on the OS (which they sell for a few dollars) and all their money from the hardware the Hackintosh user is avoiding buying. So whatever ethics are involved are already in a dubious state.

If you mean general Mac users, then, as I and others have said, there isn't a prevalent attitude of condoning piracy (everyone I know who uses Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign has paid for it).

You know 1 person doesn't represent a community right?

Sample size of one seems sufficient to establish a general pattern.

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