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Apple ships iOS beta builds before announcing new hardware. They obviously don't want to leak information about new functionality like HDR support too early. So they use a special string "YoMamaWears..." meaning of which is known only to people in the appropriate team. Then, when iPhone 5s is finally released, they easily find-and-replace the obfuscated methods with proper identifiers.

It does look like an HDR placeholder, or one hell of a coincidence.

From `AVCaptureFigVideoDevice.h`

    -- (BOOL)isYoMamaWearsFancyGlasses;
    -- (void)setYoMamaWearsFancyGlassesDetectionEnabled:(BOOL)arg1;
    -- (BOOL)isYoMamaWearsFancyGlassesDetectionEnabled;
    -- (BOOL)isYoMamaWearsFancyGlassesDetectionSupported;
    +- (BOOL)isHighDynamicRangeScene;
    +- (void)setHighDynamicRangeSceneDetectionEnabled:(BOOL)arg1;
    +- (BOOL)isHighDynamicRangeSceneDetectionEnabled;
    +- (BOOL)isHighDynamicRangeSceneDetectionSupported;

It's funny because "Fig" was supposed to be replaced by CM or CoreMedia at some point but it was so integrated into the code that it never happened. So here we have a rare case of double export obsfucation.

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