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Success at complete quantum teleportation (diginfo.tv)
53 points by tux1968 on Sept 11, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

short summary: Quantum teleportation works by taking advantage of entanglement. To teleport a quantum state, you prepare a source qubit and another pair of entangled qubits. One of the pair is sent to your teleportation destination. You take your source qubit and interact it with the one remaining entangled qubit. (this interaction depends on the paradigm of quantum computing you are using, i.e. apply a Hadamard gate to the photonic system) Once you have performed the interaction, you can measure the destination qubit and its state will inform you of the original state of the source qubit. The destination qubit can be arbitrarily far away, thus "teleportation" has occurred.

This new thing in this study is that they use a "hybrid technique" to increase the efficiency of this transformation over 100x. With older techniques, the teleportation transformation occurred according to a probability distribution such that transport fidelity was not always high. This new technique apparently surpasses that barrier so that the teleportation is correct each time.

My math-less quantum entanglement explanation: http://davidjarvis.ca/entanglement/

If you're interested in learning more about how quantum computation actually works I strongly recommend this class on edx: https://www.edx.org/course/uc-berkeley/cs-191x/quantum-mecha...

QC is literally magic.

Stories like this make my day-to-day endeavors seem pointless...

Anyone care to explain in more simpler terms?

You don't say how much simpler you want things. That would help people know how much to explain and where to start.

I like John Gribben's book (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Schrodingers-Kittens-Search-Reality-...) but some people tell me there are some problems with it, and it's old now.

From the article: "I think we can definitely say that quantum computers have come closer to reality. Teleportation can be thought of as a quantum gate where input and output are the same. So, it's known that, if we improve this a little, the input and output could be produced in different forms. If changing the form of input and output like that is considered as a program, you have a programmable quantum gate. So, I think a quantum computer could be achieved by combining lots of those."

So basically, they've gotten closer to creating quantum logic gates. Not any closer to teleporting you to the surface of a planet, though.

Just look at the apparatus set up and trace the beam path. Then things will become clearer...

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