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you can rub off your fingerprints, it does occur, however is not very practical (though better than cutting off your hand)

They'll grow back eventually. So cutting off is the only option.

I don't have fingerprints. A large part of the world population doesn't have readable prints. What now? People on blood thinners, elderly people, Asians, women all have less distinctive prints. I don't have prints due to psoriasis.

Fingerprints are a horrible biometric.

Saying that fingerprints are a bad biometric because some people can't use them is like saying escalators are a bad idea because some people can't use them.

They might be a bad biometric but it's not because they aren't universally available to everyone.

When it's used as a gate, it is an issue. It took the Seattle PD and whatever agency actually issues civilian CAC (HSPD-12) a long, long time to get enough prints to allow me access to do my job. Both eventually had to accept three very partial prints as evidence.

Looks like you'll be using the passcode as usual.

I hardly doubt cutting them off is the only option. Tissue damage is definitely required, but burning (such as a chemical burn) would also work.

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