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This paragraph is from a NY Times article. Can you find the error in it?

Still Mr. Franken said the whole experience had been disconcerting. “It’s a weird thing: people are always asking me and Franni, ‘Are you okay?’ ” he said, referring to his wife. “As sort of life crises go, this is low on the totem poll. But it is weird, it’s a strange thing.”

Neither can the spell checker in your browser. Why? Because most spell checkers do not look at context. After the Deadline does.

Visit http://www.polishmywriting.com/nyt.html to see the answer.

Besides misused word detection (and contextual spell checking), After the Deadline checks grammar and style as well.

Besides the spelling mistake, is "As sort of life crises go" a valid expression? Should that read "As far as life crises go"?

I was thinking the same thing. In fact, it distracted me so much that I missed the "poll" mistake. :P

awesome example.

You're not done yet - it needs a comma after "still".

My sentence needs the period moved to the left a bit.

My sentence needs the period moved to the left a bit.

Not if you're English.

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