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> definitely amongst the group of developers who are the most averse to putting their shit on github and open sourcing their libraries etc

Yep. I'm sure the majority of them are also GPL violators.

They love to take but never give back.

Well that's a rather harsh accusation. Do you have any evidence to back that up?

Since when has "it's nice to share code" turned into "you're probably a criminal if you don't share code".

That's a funny question. The plethora of open source code available and the miniscule number of open source 'indie' games suggests something is askew.

But one look at today's 'app store' ecosystems and current game dev culture is all the evidence I need. It's a profiteer's paradise.

Your comment is appalling. I wish there were less people like you in the world :)

You appear to have some gripe that goes beyond your ridiculous accusation. It sounds like you're bitter against closed-source in general, but just won't come out and say it.

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