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Looks good but the images on the page are actually larger images scaled down with css. This is a bit pointless as the images always show the same size regardless of how large my resolution is (They're shown in a small column in the middle anyway). This is just a pet peeve of mine as I dislike seeing the images loading slowly and knowing there's no real reason for them to do so. Also Firefox has a tendency to resize is a really ugly way when width/height is set on an image. Finally it's going to eat through all your bandwidth as you're featured on Hacker News. :P (You might even want to consider replacing them with small jpegs if you're worried about your bandwidth but this would be lower quality.)

Congratulations and the engine really does look great. :)

Thanks! My host is Weebly (I believe a YCominator graduate, IIRC). I am not a huge fan of their image gallery either. :(

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