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I'm sorry you couldn't live in your parents' house forever. :)

I remember reading about the Genesis Engine in college. For what it's worth, I think it's awesome how you've worked your way to Voxel Quest. Good luck.

Thanks! I am amazed that people still remember it. It has been a decade long battle to fight my way back into doing game development full time, and even though I am working like a dog I couldn't be happier right now.

Oh wow, let me add to the group and say thanks. Teenaged mr_luc turned into a programmer mostly because of late-90's game engines, and I'm probably not alone. Everyone who wanted to be a programmer and was interested in game development probably remembers Genesis3d.

There's something magical, as a young programmer, about compiling an open-source 3d engine and walking around in the demo.

Although in my case I never did more than compile Genesis and tweak a few variables in the physics code before recompiling. (I ended up learning from the Torque Game Engine and its forebears, because they had a scripting language and sprawling outdoor terrains with multiplayer).

Awesome! :)

Genesis3D? I contributed a little to that back in '98! There were big plans at the time, though they didn't come to anything of course. I remember working on the collision code late at night.

Those were the days :-)

Maybe that was a different Genesis Project? I released the Genesis Engine in 2006. :)

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