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I have an idea, could you load a basic map into this, the map would contain a rough idea what the roads, trees, buildings look like. But then use algorithms to add generated details to those objects. So it would be a way to define the rough idea what a map would be like, except all the nitty gritty is generated.

Yeah, you will actually be able to do something like that fairly "easily" (at least, relative to how complex it might be in other engines) -- the engine is scriptable via a javascript client (demoed in another post), so you could pull data from Google Maps or something.

Forget maps, this would be the ultimate Dwarf Fortress visualization engine!

This was my first thought too, except for rogue/nethack/other ascii-based roguelikes.

Yeah would make a pretty cool openstreetmap tile generator

Sounds really cool! :)

I'm actually working on something like that, where instead of using a map, I'm making a small DSL that's a bit prolog like for creating the rules about how things should be placed. It will be open sourced but I do have to write it first.

I'm basing a lot of my work on things like this: http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~amitp/game-programming/...

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