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Hey hotshot. How about less blogging and more work on your darn company? I tried using it to find office space repeatedly.. No good.

I would love to see if I can help you with your office search. Contact info is in my HN profile.

As for blogging. It's core to who I am. I did it before 42Floors, and I'll continue to do it for as long as it brings me meaning. I've long since understood not everyone appreciates it. But I do.

This is why I love HNs: When people make stupid snarky comments, they get a response. BTW: jaf12duke - I'm finally doing it. I'm hoping to start at the Flatiron school this month after switching from finance.

The 4 reasons you listed were the exact reasons I was waiting to take the leap. I've finally found enough ways to mitigate the "risk" of starting.

Let me know if you can chat some more.

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