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I don't mean to be taking the wrong side here but I'd be interested to know why didn't he didn't pay the money (It seems he was given warning). If he couldn't pay then I'm surprised he didn't sell his TV/remorgage his house/borrow money/ask friends or family to help or something. Perhaps I'm naive and he really couldn't do anything about this but it would have been nice if the article had covered this. Yes this is awful but I don't like the suggestions from some that the government simply shouldn't try to collect small debts. Surely no one would pay small debts they have then?

Maybe he forgot. Maybe he couldn't. Life is hard and complex. Not everyone is smart and clever. The weak side, for a debt of $40 gets all his properties auctioned and report a loss comparable to life-long savings. Totally reasonable and fair.

Agree with you, can't see anything wrong going on here too. (i'll state the obvious: i'm joking).

It's not simply a case that here we talk about: - People with dementia or major problems - Lonely - Most of the times, old enough to be completely invisible

And the state, private contractors and greedy individuals use them to refill their bank accounts. And it's perfectly legal. And some people, as you are doing now, simply try to justify it.

I'll tell you what is fair here: - He doesn't pay - Warnings should be issued - He should be given a greater amount to pay (i guess 100x the original amount should be enough) - He still doesn't pay - Insitutions try to understand why this person isn't paying - Take appropriate actions according to the situation. If the lack is anyhow justified (eg. person incapable of self-support) simply drop it and warn social services. Otherwise proceed to court.

Seems a lot more reasonable. But ehi, this would mean lot of effort. Why not just raping and looting the weaks. Keep up with the great job!

--- Institutions try to understand why this person isn't paying

How does a city like NY or LA scale this, when 1 or 2 out of hundreds or thousands is this type of situation. This situation only happens because a city doesn't have the manpower to do a social viability check on every tax lien.

I agree on principle, but the monitoring of elderly is not the role of government, but of community, neighbors, and family.

It says in the article that he was struggling with dementia. One highly possible reason is that he simply forgot.

In TFA, it's mentioned that he has dementia.

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