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The local county government can put a lien on your real property for failing to pay your property taxes, in some places, even for not mowing your lawn (an exaggeration of property maint. codes). In Texas, investors can buy a "Tax Deed" at auction. The property owner has two years to buy the lien back, for a defined price, IIRC the taxes owed + 50% for each year. After the 2 yr repayment window, the purchaser of the tax lien gets the title to the property.



An example of a city that does put a lien on the property you're living in if you don't mow your lawn properly:


First-hand experience.

Are tax liens different from other kinds? It's my impression that if e.g. a lender repossesses, they sell the house, pocket what you owe plus fees, and have to give you the rest back. It's strange to think it would be different for unpaid property taxes. Was Coleman truly "left with nothing" or did he get a portion of the sale proceeds?

The rights of the tax lien holder trump any other claims, AFAIK. That's one reason that mortgagors want you to escrow your annual property taxes with them.

edit: IRS liens in effect before the sale go with the property, and can delay the new owner in getting a title policy.

Texas laws regarding property and property taxes seem rather un-Texan.

Don't let anybody fool you. There are a lot of goofy things going on around here.

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