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Well there are two issues here.

The first is that laws that allow this to happen are scandalous. Worst case, particularly for the elderly, is that a lien is placed on the home such that it must be paid when the home is transferred in any way. So what if DC has to wait 10 years for $137 mistakenly not paid? Seriously.

Unless the debt exceeds some nontrivial amount, the county should be restricted from taking any action whatsoever. All this to recover $137? Seriously?

If it does come to foreclosure, it is utterly ridiculous that the "investor" (I prefer "predator") gets to keep the entire sale amount. Fees (that should be capped) may be retained with the rest being returned to the owner. Otherwise this is (or should be) the unlawful seizure of assets.

Secondly, if you are such an "investor" how exactly do you live with yourself as a human being doing this? Seriously. I couldn't sleep at night.

As for the county or state officials that make this possible, how do they live themselves doing this to their constituents?

Sir or mam, I don't know you, but you're my kind of people.

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