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Have you had those MP3s on the same disk since the 90s? That would be the only practical way that bits would flip.

They've been across about 4 different disks. I copy using SCP, so it's unlikely that the corruption happened over the network, most likely it was between the CPU and disk as it was being read/written.

Another possibility is that the encoding program did something slightly non-standard which is no longer recognized by modern decoders?

It's possible, but I'd expect modern decoders to be more resilient to out of spec files.

I'd share them, but copyright and all that.

A couple of things you could do.

Get an mp3 error checker and see if it has anything to say about the particular files.

You also might want to grab EncSpot Pro (free, for windows) to figure out exactly what codec you used. Chances are that if the codec was buggy, then it's been documented such a google search on the specific codec and version will probably turn up people talking about the known errors.

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