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True, I was making a facetious statement that everything that eats produces shit and that the "shit code" is just another by product of a living organism (team, business, coders). Something can be not-good and still be not-bad. I would say my figurative use of the world shit in this context is near neutral but flawed quality. Like dollar store tools.

Most of my code is shit probably by everyones definition. So I try and write as little as possible to solve the problem. If I spent the time required to make all of my code non-shit (not good, but non-shit) then I would get very little done.

It would be nice if google wave didn't tank, or this discussion board was scriptable by the end users because I would love a sidebar where we could agree on the definitions of terms under discussion.

Due to the lack of attention, willful or otherwise, most conversations online end up talking _past_ or _at_ each other and not to.

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