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If I can open a project and refactor some piece of code to be 1/10th of it's former size, while making it both more readable and more efficient without changing what it does than it's shit. In such cases I honestly don't care how good the original coder was supposed to be or what excuses he has. And yes, if I write code that can be optimized that way, I will be the first to admit that it's shit.

It's easier to refactor something that has already been created than to create that thing. This is why refactoring is such a good thing. It doesn't mean the original creation was "shit", it just means that it was massively improved by refactoring, which is sort of the point.

That's like saying, hey that rough draft of my essay is just fine to use. Not it's not, it's a rough draft, clean it up (refactor your code).

That's not a very good analogy, and doesn't really address the point I was making. Note that my comment was very favorable to refactoring.

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