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Yeah, I can agree with this. For me the scenario starts with reading somebody else's code and thinking it's horrendous. I'll then get this nagging feeling that the problem may instead be me not comprehending the code well enough, or not seeing the greater context in which the supposedly bad code is meant to sit. Frequently, after further investigation, the code turns out to be not as bad as I originally thought. It's almost like a judgement without all the facts / can't see the florist for the flowers kind of thing. I'm looking at that small piece of code through an aperture that blurs the bigger picture, if you widen it a little further you may see that the code was written in a certain way in order to coalesce with the rest of the code base. Or widen it further still and see that it was written poorly because it needed to be done quickly, but that poorly written code may have facilitated the first 1000 sales of the product. I won't listen to someone who trash talks another coder or a former employee for their work. It happened the other day at my job, the new guy trash talked some ops work belonging to the guy he replaced. That work has been keeping our site available for the past five years, still waiting for the new guy's road tested commits.

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