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Behold, the aftermath of the brogrammer.

What was seen here is a particularly insidious, caustic and ultimately, demoralizing and self-defeating attitude from your colleague (and something I've seen routinely on HN). I don't particularly think he was in any way truly convinced that it was deserving of it, however it must be thrashed in accordance with a self selected pecking order in order to assert his dominance.

This "politeness is rubbish" attitude which also applies to common niceties in communication will one day be the death of us all.[1]

There is truly awful code out there and it doesn't deserve commentary or any other sort of attention. Just a yanking and replacement with good code.

[1] Politeness devoid of sincerity is not politeness. It is in fact the worst of all forms of rudeness.

I don't see how this has anything to do with the brogrammer fad (as annoying as that was/is). People have been talking this way about code for a lot longer. I'll throw out one of Linus' gems as an example [1].

[1] http://staefcraeft.blogspot.com/2013/07/linus-torvalds-there...

Dated "13 Jul 2013". I'm curious what Linus was like before he created Linux.

At least in the message that introduces Linux, he's much more congenial.


"Brogrammer" is ill-defined. It's silly to blame something on an ill-defined concept.


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