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How you "get your code running" is the most important part of the dev life cycle.

How you *get your code running on a device" is even better. And it's trivial with Android. It's a royal pain in the butt with iOS.

I take it you've NEVER actually developed on iOS before.

The simulator in almost every situation matches the device. And I don't understand how connecting your phone to your Mac constitutes "a royal pain in the butt".

Oh yes I have. Both on iOS and Android.

While suppressing disbelief that this is even something being argued, I present the instructions to run your newly built app package on your Android device:

1) Make sure your the appropriate security options to allow app installs are checked in the phone settings. 2) adb -d install <path to apk> 3) Enjoy the your own app on your hardware you own without asking permission from anybody else

For iOS, start by paying $99 to Apple to register in the dev program. Then go through this tutorial explained with the help of >20 screenshots:


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