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In 1990 microsoftland, most people were still using DOS. Borland had Turbo Pascal and Turbo C products on the market for a number of years - vt100 style text menuing systems were still king in MS-DOS.

Windows 3.1 was released in 1992, which was the real starting adoption point for the majority of the market.

By that time, the NeXT computer had already been out for four years, the Mac and X Windows were eight.

I was actually just pointing out that software development, as a discipline hasn't advanced that much since 1990. The number of KLOCs freely available to use within your code has increased dramatically. The documentation (which was on paper pre-WWW) has improved exponentially. The tools, OSes and languages? Pretty much a plateau there since the mid 80s peak.

OK, you win. But you completely missed the point of 1990 in that post (hint: he meant windows)

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