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Benchmarking Bloom Filters and Hash Functions in Go (zhen.org)
3 points by zhenjl on Sept 4, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Looks like your Murmur implementation may be broken?

-Austin (Murmur author)

Austin, yeah pretty sure it's broken, unfortunately. I used an implementation another person ported but results seem to come out weird. I need to figure out why when I get a moment, or do a port of my own.

Why are you allocating in your standard implementation's Check function? That can't be good for performance.

Author here. (same comment posted to reddit)

@bradfitz thanks for the comments and suggestion. I updated the code based on your suggestion (not allocate for every add/check) and the performance improved by 25+%!! Appreciate it!

I updated the blog and here's the gist that contains the latest results: https://gist.github.com/zhenjl/6515577

Sorry for the delay in responding there. Hadn't check this for a couple of days.

You are correct. In fact, I am allocating in both standard and partitioned Check() implementations, in the bits() func.

I can pre-allocate during New() and keep using the same slice without re-make.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will update and re-run.

I also need to go back and figure out the murmur3 implementation is not working.

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