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And no word yet from Google... Their lack of customer service is going to end up killing them in a number of markets. I would never use Google for any critical business function (email, payments, cloud computing).

It's pretty ridiculous that I'll probably move from using GA for my Google accounts to Authy, but here we are.

They'll join this thread in a while and call us all novices for not understanding that this is deliberate, well tested, and our fault.


I don't think the people arguing with Justin in that thread are novices or naive users, but they do seem to be unaware that when you lend your computer to someone, you should set them up with their own user account if you don't want them surfing through your stuff.

It's funny how the tech community browbeat Microsoft for years about how Windows should have been designed as a multiuser system like Unix, and then when Microsoft finally took their advice and made the necessary user-level security improvements, their efforts were ignored.

Afraid you've missed the point in the same way as Justin did... Those people (me included) are perfectly aware of that. The argument is that your mother isn't, and while it's reasonable to expect her to be, you can't just assume such.

If so many people are missing the point, then maybe, just maybe, there isn't one to miss.

The majority are always right, for a subjective and wide definition of right.

Because all companies always act like one of its employees did one time.

Not defending Google, but pointing out the sweeping generalization.

To be fair, that wasn't just "one of its employees", it was the head of Google Chrome Security.

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