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Which can be turned off

Which 99% of iOS users won't do even if they are aware of it.

I for one won't turn it off, despite having been bitten by this. Life's too short to go around checking HN or Googling for possible adverse consequences of every app update.

That 99% is unlikely to be using two factor auth

Android store can also beturned off.but Google make sure to give you hell for it.

Open market "want to always auto update apps?". No.

Update an app after reading the change log. "want to always auto update apps?". No.

Update the next app... You get the idea.

Also, what's the fallacy about giving you a change log for each version of apps, but not allowing to install other versions? This is the sole reason people will give up those stores. Will not even be the abusive control and price for no added safety.

It's actually opt-in. When you open the App Store for the first time in iOS 7, it asks if you want to enable automatic updates.

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