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I'm sorry, I don't follow your logic. Are you trying to say you think Google actually had a rationale for this behavior? Where does "the cloud" come into the equation? This data isn't being synced to iCloud. That defeats the whole purpose.

Because Google fundamentally wants everyone to use Google+ for everything, and their Google Accounts to sign into it. If they weren't thinking about the security implications, Google Authenticator would definitely be a "sync your credentials to your Google Account" app.

I assume that the implementation of 2FA was a 20%-time project (it's sort of sloppily integrated; you need to find a special page that isn't linked from anywhere whenever you need to add an application-specific password, for instance) which reeks of it not being orders from on high. So, the people who implemented 2FA at Google were probably just some people who fundamentally care about 2FA. People who know what "Something you Have" actually means.

> special page that isn't linked from anywhere

It's linked from https://security.google.com/settings/security which is itself linked from https://www.google.com/settings/account ...

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