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Edited: Authy requires a mobile number and a remote server to store your tokens though.

Seriously. What's the difference between this and just setting up a webcam pointed at all your SecurID tokens?

Duo does not require this at all. And Authy only requires you to store their "Authy" token. You can add additional, e.g. Github, tokens to Authy and choose not to sync them with the Authy servers. That's what I do.

Authy requires your mobile phone number and the creation of an account to work at all … or am I missing something? I haven't found a way to use Authy without providing my mobile phone number and creating an account.

> Both require your mobile number and for a remote service to store all of your tokens though..

Duo does not, for the record. Download and go.

I seem to have recalled that one wrong then, or they've changed their service since I last saw it.

This is not at all true. Both are generating your tokens clientside with no internet connection. Try disabling internet access, it should work.

As for the mobile number, I didn't have to type that into Duo Mobile when I installed?

You certainly do for Authy, I was apparently wrong about Duo.


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