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poutine 1790 days ago | link | parent

Uh, some of those 200 tweets per second are being sent to over a million people. Most are sent to hundreds or thousands.

decode 1790 days ago | link

I've always assumed that most people don't get every tweet SMS'd to them. So most of the time, a tweet isn't sent to anybody, it's just returned when people request the tweets that are relevant to them.


pietro 1790 days ago | link

I don't think that actor guy posts every second, and the average number of followers is way lower than thousands.


adbachman 1790 days ago | link

There are 13 users with 1000000+ and the top 100 all have over 450000. (http://twitterholic.com/)

But, long tail and all that, I hear average follower count is in the 120 range, you're right there. (http://gojko.net/2009/03/16/qcon-london-2009-upgrading-twitt...)


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