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This may sound extra paranoid, but I've locked myself out of 2FA'd accounts before and recovery is not fun, so I go out of my way to keep the recovery codes secured but available to me in case of catastrophe.

First, I make an encrypted disk image with a very strong, unique passphrase (easy on OSX, not sure about windows). In this I put the QR setup codes and my recovery codes. I put a copy of this on every device I own, every computer I own, stash it in my home directory on my server, and put it on dropbox. I then share the dropbox copy to two friends, and instruct them to hold on to it in case I lose access to all my devices. Any time I enable 2FA on a new account, like I did today, I update the image and redistribute it.

I previously kept a copy on github as well as dropbox, but now that both are behind 2FA I wouldn't be able to recover from those sources if I lost all my devices. Maybe I should push a copy to pages.github.io under some secret path that only I knew.

Oh, and check out BitTorrent Sync, it makes it really easy to distribute among my computers and phone without worrying about dropbox somehow losing my files or preventing my access.

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