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I cannot use an Indian fallback SMS number. Wonder, what is behind that.

India has a strictly-enforced national do-not-call list (among other limitations). Twilio cannot send messages to numbers on this list (other SMS providers are probably in a similar situation). Github probably decided it's better to disallow Indian numbers completely than let you sign up with a number that may not work when you need it. http://www.twilio.com/help/faq/sms/are-there-limitations-on-...

We do send a test message before SMS 2fa is enabled. I just enabled support for +91. But given the other limitations in that article I'll need to keep an eye things.

All SMS providers are in the same boat. IIRC, the penalties for breaking the DNC list in India are brutal. (until recently I worked at a big mobile aggregator)

We just added support for India. Try again.

Okay, I can set an Indian fallback number, but did not get the SMS.

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