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You can certainly use your Authy app for it, it's just Authenticator.

I would also suggest that any iOS users move away from Google Authenticator and towards Authy or another solution. Google Auth in iOS7 has been deleting labels, and even worse, deleting tokens, for many users. The app hasn't been updated since 2011 and there's been no word from Google on an upcoming update to fix the issue. With iOS7's launch/announcement next week, I suggest looking into a new TOTP app (like Authy) before upgrading.

Good advice. Indeed it looks like changes to the open source Google Authenticator app dried up in late 2011:


Doesn't necessarily mean the project is abandoned (as sometimes open source bits are sync'd periodically from more active internal trees), but.. sure doesn't seem actively maintained.

Can anyone here speak to Authy vs. Duo (as a regular user, not as someone providing 2fa for their site)?

Duo app doesn't store token data server side (authy used to last time I checked. -_-), and did not require a phone number to use totp.

I use duo.

I had all of those problems with Google Auth on iOS7. I just installed Authy and it seems to work great. I'd have paid $1-3 for it. I disabled the bluetooth feature though.

Looks like Google just updated their Authenticator app. Works fine for me on iOS7

> Looks like Google just updated their Authenticator app. Works fine for me on iOS7

Be aware that it will drop all of your existing tokens, so make sure your backup phone number is set & verified across all services and/or your have your backup codes prepped.

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