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Cambridge, MA, USA

http://www.smartleaf.com is a profitable, privately held 30-person financial SAAS company. We are looking for a person to fill a position that is trendily referred to as a Site Reliability Engineer or DevOps, but we think of as a senior systems administrator. You can write your own title within reason. This is a senior position with no management responsibilities.

You should be clever, competent, and kind. Serious experience requirements: Linux systems administration, two or more languages (many of our tools are written in Perl; the application is in C++ (back end) and Ruby on Rails (front end)), network engineering and security. You should know your way around Puppet or another systems automation tool. You must have the ability and desire to track down complex problems and solve them, learning as you go. Strong written and verbal communications skills are essential.

Nice-to-haves include Oracle or PostgreSQL DBA, large data management, VOIP and JunOS.

Full-time, on-site position with occasional telecommuting and shared on-call responsibility. Compensation includes salary, equity, 3-4 weeks of vacation, NYSE holidays, all insurance premiums, food, excellent coffee, and a collegial working environment.

An ex-employee described us as the most interesting group of people he had found outside of MIT. It probably helps if you're an SF fan.

Cover letters and resumes to future@smartleaf.com; we prefer plain text or PDF. In your cover letter, please describe an interesting problem you have solved.

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