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Intercom https://www.intercom.io/

Our mission is to make internet business personal. We think the current sate of customer communications tools is a mess—a bunch of disjoint tools designed to reduce human contact, encouraging massively impersonal customer experiences. We're building one, simple platform for all web and mobile businesses to connect with their customers. Thousands of companies have replaced customer support, email marketing, CRM, marketing automation tools with our product. We have raised $7.75MM to-date. We have extremely solid revenue and revenue growth. We have amazing team of ex. Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon engineers and designers. We think we can be a very, very valuable, and impactful business. We love talented, big-thinking, happy and creative people. We hate short-term thinkers, self-promoters, big egos.

San Francisco

Product Marketing Content Marketing Financial Analyst Visual Designer Support Engineers https://www.intercom.io/jobs/support Ops Engineers https://www.intercom.io/jobs/ops


Product Engineers Product Designers https://www.intercom.io/jobs/design Project Manager https://www.intercom.io/jobs/design/project_manager iOS Engineers Visual Designers

Contact Macey in confidence: macey@intercom.io

I don't see a posting for financial analyst.

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