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Neumitra - Boston, MA (Copley) - prefer on-site

We develop wearable, connected technologies for daily brain health and performance. Our first product is a biofeedback watch to mitigate the effects of stress on daily life. We are working with high-stress professionals, including surgeons, developers, and athletes, to understand and address how stress impacts performance.

We are hiring hardware (circuit design and embedded), mobile (iOS and Android), and full-stack developers (Python and/or Clojure). Experience with machine learning and pattern recognition is preferred but not necessary, so long as you love learning. We are foremost a data analytics company using biometrics to solve questions of health and performance.

We look most for a record of building stuff to demonstrate passion in what you do. We all live to work but with flex hours to ensure you are taking care of your body and brain.

If you are local to the Boston area, or would like to move this way, please reach out to me directly at:




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