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That's what I like about the mind of an entrepreneur- the ability & desire to innovate.

San Francisco has through the roof high rent? Well, why not innovate & live in an RV? An innovative way to overcome the problem of containing personal costs. Also, this is a way to actually own something that can open up some very cool travel possibilities as well.

Living in an RV is innovation? Then living in a mobile home must be absolutely bleeding edge. ;)

I'm not saying that it's bad. As a kid I thought of traveling with friends to every ski resort in North America and living out of an RV. I knew a group that actually did just that and I still envy that opportunity. But I've settled down since then and I like having a foundation.

I get the feeling if you're going to "innovate" RV living, you'll do it in North Dakota and not SF. Lot of people with a lot of money now and a housing market that hasn't caught up.

Too cold in ND for RV living in the winter; no insulation.

uhm, well, they have been doing it for a couple of winters now

Sure, it can be done. People do a lot of crazy things. But it's not sustainable.

The other thing is that they build RVs with insulation that can handle the winter.

Some of those innovators might want to dial back the self-congratulations and get busy innovating decent, affordable housing.

They did. They bought an RV and lived in it. :)

They did no such thing, unless "decent" means living like an animal. Next thing, you'll be telling me that living in stacked chicken wire cages, the some people do in Hong Kong, counts as innovation.

"Living like an animal" sounds like an exaggeration. Yes, it's probably most appropriate for a single, hipster 20-35-something, but it's an interesting lifehack.

Compared to what you'd get for the same price in SF (e.g. a tiny bedroom in a shared 6 BR house - student-style), it looks like an interesting alternative.

(edit: very hipster / maker indeed - this is from Tynan, one of the guys mentioned in the article http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjiQFCunJqk )

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