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Moka5 - Redwood City, CA (between San Francisco and Palo Alto), interns and H1Bs welcome

Moka5 makes life easier for large corporate IT departments who have too many computers to manage, and life better for end-users who would otherwise have to deal with a corporate IT department that's enforcing ridiculously restrictive policies for their own sanity. Our primary product, Moka5 Player, delivers you a VM image of a corporate system that you can run on your own computer (Windows or Mac). You can install whatever software you want, and we automatically split new files into "layers", so IT can push a new base layer that takes effect as soon as you reboot, and you can press a button and wipe all locally-installed software including IE toolbars and other nonsense, but keep IT-provided software and non-application files like documents. Since it's running locally, you can get work done offline (unlike Citrix, VMware View, etc.), and not hate your life if you're not on the LAN. We also do a bunch of security work to make it reasonable to run a corporate VM on your personal machine: this way, you're not stuck carrying two laptops around.

One product that's been seeing lots of growth is Moka5 BareMetal, a stripped-down Ubuntu derivative that boots directly into Moka5 Player. By providing our usual management capabilities on an underlying OS you don't have to think about, you get the benefits of our product (easier updates, layering, single image, etc.) on corporate-owned hardware. We're also writing iOS and Android apps for remotely accessing your files on the go (even when you don't have a network connection), and currently getting ready to release a client-side encrypted filesystem for synchronizing your files between your desktop and mobile device. There's also quite a bit of work on the server side -- you get to solve fun problems about reliability, scalability, and geographic redundancy, but since we sell a product and not a service, nobody on our team has to carry a pager and get woken up to fix things for customers.

We're not per se a virtualization company: we don't write the hypervisor, since other people already do a great job of that. We do write a lot of things just above and just below the hypervisor layer, and in general a lot of computer systems work. If you enjoy operating systems, file systems, virtualization, or networking, come talk to us. If dynamic-linker trickery sounds like your idea of fun, we'll get along well. We work in C++ and C# on the desktop, J2EE on the server, and the native languages (Objective-C and Java) on mobile; there is also a fair amount of open source work to be done in various languages, and we try to be good citizens and work with upstream.

See moka5.com for more info, and send me an email (gthomas at that domain name) if you're interested!

I am currently doing an internship here, and it's a good time!

REMOTE possible for the "right" candidate?

Not impossible, although right now our engineering is entirely in one office so that wouldn't be our preference. Feel free to send me an email if you're interested and I can ask around about making this work.

Thanks! That's why I love HN job board - if the posting doesn't strictly mention "no remote", it is almost always possible to negotiate.

moka5.com redirects to https://mokafive.com/ which is not responding.

Urgh, I'll let our web folks know (although I am confused how you're getting the HTTPS). Try http://www.moka5.com/ .

http://www.moka5.com redirects to https and isn't responding either. You guys seem to be either hard down or misconfigured. Maybe you should be looking to hire/grow DevOps too? ;)

Looks fine to me now.

aaaaaand it broke again

still broken for me.

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