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Quirky - http://www.quirky.com/ - Located in NYC, open to remote

At Quirky, we believe that the best ideas in the world aren't actually in the world -- they're locked in people's heads. We exist to solve that problem.

We are looking for senior developers in many departments. We have three main applications: - Quirky.com Rails / Backbone application - Quirky iOS and Android apps - Wink - Our app-enabled product line launching this fall

Our coolest perk is Quirky Blackout (http://www.quirky.com/blackout) a mandatory, company-wide week vacation at the end of every quarter. Here is where people went last Blackout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07NlWUGFuTM

Email me at jengland@quirky.com and I can tell you more about the opportunities available!

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