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Dash (http://dashwith.me) - Brooklyn, NY (fulltime, onsite)

We're looking for engineer #2 to lead our web and API development at Dash. We're building something that will make dining out better for everyone. Our mobile app lets you view, split, and pay your bill at some of the best restaurants in NYC.

Our stack is Go, Rails, PostgreSQL, and Objective-C. If you were interested in working with Go and on a killer product, now's your chance. We just raised our seed round and we're looking for great people to join our team.

Ready to apply? Please send an email to jobs@dashwith.me including your resume, your favorite text editor, a link to your github, as well as why your passionate about working for a start-up. (Bonus points if you include a story of when Dash would of been helpful to you in the past!)

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