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CoSo - San Francisco, CA

We're a profitable startup who just took $10M in investment. We do secure, scalable web conferencing managed services for large enterprise and government customers like Google, General Motors, SAP, Charles Schwab, KPMG, USAID, IMF, FEMA, DOD.

We're looking for a Frontend Dev who is flat out terrific at javascript. Our stack is backbone, underscore, require, sass, html, and css. We have a great team and we're excited to grow it even more.

We're looking for a couple development operations team members. We're doing interesting things in systems engineering right now. We have 7 global data centers, virtaulized on esx, split environment between windows and linux. The business problem is really interesting, we're going to build a new automation stack on modern technology to replace a legacy in-house stack that's existed for a number of years. We've started to look at automation through puppet and openstack but are still early in the project and open to kick ass people bringing kick ass ideas.

We're also hiring an office manager and some sales people if interested.

If interested check out http://www.connectsolutions.com/company/careers or e-mail me at matt@connectsolutions.com.

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