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Q42 - The Hague/Amsterdam, NL

We're a technical web agency focused on being a "happy place for nerds" with offices in the Hague and Amsterdam. Currently looking for an all-round developer who can work at either location.

We work on all kinds of stuff, from websites and applications to smartphone apps, games, and our own products. Some of the projects we've been involved with include the new Rijksmuseum website, national transit platform 9292.nl, the Philips Hue lights, and the Staatsloterij. We have a published game, Quento (quento.com) and a product, Handcraft (handcraft.com). We love working with C#, App Engine, and Java, but whatever works for the client works for us. We also host meetups about all kinds of topics, from how best to use ElasticSearch (we're a partner) to Meteor (our website runs on it) and which JS MVC framework to choose.

Our work is primarily technical, so you'll be expected to be able to dive in wherever needed - frontend or backend - and contribute whatever skills you have to our diverse dev teams. Earlier this year we were awarded the "best workplace in the Netherlands" prize by Great Place to Work.

See q42.com for more info and our Dutch blog post about the position: http://q42.nl/blog/post/57695336048/knappe-koppen-gezocht (Dutch fluency not required, but you must be willing to learn)

Interested? Email knappekop@q42.nl. The opening officially closes this week, so be quick :)

Update: thanks for your submissions! I made a mistake in my post and need to amend it, but can no longer edit it. Here's the change: for this position we're looking for fluent Dutch speakers. Thanks!

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