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London, UK - Wigwamm, apps to make Real Estate simple

CO-FOUNDER WANTED (tech or sales)

Tech team and funding in place. We have great domain expertise, but I am personally missing the influence of a strong co-founder. If you're interested, just say hi at +44 77 952 73 552 or rayhan@wigwamm.com

There is plenty of attention toward making the Real Estate searching experience better.

But the data sucks.

Real Estate is the only thing you cannot research and transact online.

Working with all the companies and brokers involved in Real Estate, we build products in the gaps. The dream is to one day allow Real Eatate to be confidently researched and transacted online.

Our current focus is our mobile Listing App: http://wigwamm.com

Some of our prototypes:

Listing App- http://wigwamm.co.uk

Property descriptions- http://Proppycock.com

New property browsing UI- http://map.wigwamm.com

An auction for rental property- http://old.wigwamm.com

Mobile amalgamation of the new UI and auction- http://dev2.wigwamm.com

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