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Just a friendly reminder about WFH.io (http://www.wfh.io), a site listing global full time remote / work from home (WFH) tech-related jobs.

In August 2013 we added 31 jobs, with a breakdown as follows:

* Software Development => 20

* System Administration => 7

* Customer Support => 2

* Other => 2

Also, we recently implemented Atom feeds for each job category, so you can easily subscribe to feeds to keep on top of job postings.

Lastly, it's still free to submit your job posting to WFH.io, so please do so! :)


Great resource! I wish I had known about this previously. Can you clarify what is meant by "Top 5 Requested Jobs"?

Those are the unexpired jobs (posted within the last 60 days) that have been clicked the most frequently. I could probably tighten up that wording a bit. :)

Really like the design of WFH. Great work.

Thank you!!

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