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Yes, I've been working with RDF(S) and OWL in the past 3 years. I find it extremely usefull for reasoning, and in general pretty cool to work with. Having all your data in a forward directed graph, including your Ontology (data structure) has some very interesting potentials. When I started with this project 3 years ago, I had to work with SPARQL 1.0 (the query language for triples/RDF), which was a bit troublesome sometimes. But now that SPARQL 1.1 has become a reccomendation, it is becomming well implemented, and working with it maked my queries quite elegant and fun again. Some people say the semantic web has long been dead since guys like google started their own semantic formats. Personally I think that's true at all. The vision/potential of the semantic web remains potent as ever. The tools are slowly but surely maturing. The field perhaps seems not that big, but it is surely active and growing. I think in time we'll see plenty of semantic web stuff entering the general field, and RDFa may be another helpfull bridge tool along the way.. Though in all honesty, I havn't worked with RDFa at all yet, so can't say much about that, but will surely have a look at this spec soon.

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