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Glass.py: Create Python web applications for Google Glass (github.com)
61 points by SamyPesse 1301 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

Looks very interesting indeed. But is it possible for you guys to somehow "lend" me a google glass so I can test/debug features I might add? wishing and hoping

So, I see the main benefit being that this takes the guesswork out of the web application backend, but how else does this simplify the Google Glass app development process?

Glass apps are the web app backend. You push HTML cards to the user's device, by contacting Google's REST API (authenticated by OAuth on behalf of your user).

Those cards are your app's UI. Actions on the device (acting on cards, sharing content with your app) result in REST commands to your backend.

So with something like this, you don't need to care about the nitty gritty of Google's API, you just focus on your application logic.

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