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The Road to Ember.js 1.0: Final Release This Weekend? (github.com)
26 points by benbruscella 1569 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Im just getting settled into Rails and will intro myself to a js framework in a few weeks. For employment purposes: Ember or Angular?

Honestly, if you're just starting out, go with Backbone. Start there, then add marionette to the mix. From there it'll be a lot easier to understand ember or angular. Ember will feel a lot more natural from that point though.

The reason is, don't get confident in magic. Learn good OOJS, then learn what some simple helpers can do. At that point, you'll understand the magic of angular and ember better. Maybe others won't agree, but, as an anagoly, you really shouldn't jump into android development before you have a good handle on java.

After Backbone, as you start to get into the realm of dozens and dozens of models, which is more appropriate?

I've heard Ember is better for "data/model-driven" apps whereas Angular is better for "interaction-driven" ones. Is this an appropriate analogy? I wish I had the time to explore both for their own merits.

If you were going to develop the next Gmail, which would you choose and why?

One of the core contributor to Rails (Yehuda Katz) is a core contributor in EmberJS. I bet the two will integrate nicely (using the ActiveModel::Serializer gem).

That is true. We've been doing a big refactoring with AMS lately, so forward progress has been slow, but it's all going good places.

Ember + Rails is a potent combo because the two frameworks are built off of the same underlying principles.


Is Data really as fudged up as everyone seems to believe? Do you see EPF having the potential to take its place?

I personally focus on the server side of all this, so I cannot tell you anything about ember-data from personal experience.

What's EPF?

ember sux.. its way over designed.. use angular

I can see your account was created 3 minutes ago. How childish can you be?

What's more, judging by his karma people are upvoting this shit...

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