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No Time for Coffee? Spray Caffeine On Your Skin (fastcompany.com)
12 points by MHMabrito 1427 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

Wait, what's the appeal of this over caffeine tablets?

I like the taste of coffee/tea so I prefer it as a "caffeine delivery system", but if I really hated all caffeinated beverages I'd just buy caffeine tablets, which last time I checked were ridiculously cheap (like $0.10 a tablet).

Often the tablets are so potent that splitting them makes sense, making them even cheaper.

I guess I don't see the appeal.

> I guess I don't see the appeal.

It's novel.

If you think you don't have time for coffee you need a therapist, not a spray bottle.

Personally, I've been wanting years for someone to come out with (a) steady release caffeine patches and (b) [I don't know why I want it in this form factor] quick acting caffeine eye-drops.

There's always time for coffee.

Looks intriguing!

Wait, something actually came out of the Theil Fellowship?

Funny statement coming from Brom Rector, 2011 Thiel Fellowship finalist that wasn't selected. Bitter much?

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