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Announcing Teleport Tool: Backwards-compatible resilience to network outages (gocircuit.org)
43 points by petar 1571 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Looks a lot like Reliable Sockets http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~zandy/rocks/

The Teleport Tool is similar to Reliable Sockets in purpose. There are some differences as well. It looks like Reliable Sockets are not multi-threaded and they do not include connection pooling, which the Teleport Tool does. It also seems that the Reliable Sockets project has been abandoned.

This is really neat. Its extendeding the concept of screen to the network in a transparent way. I am going to play with it with some of my more unstable hosts located in Beijing.

A nice way to put it: "extendeding the concept of screen to the network in a transparent way". Thanks.

I looked at this link. It seems that the tenmax product is substantially different than the Teleport Tool. There seems to be a superficial similarity in their names.

Stupid software freaking out every time the network hiccups has literally wasted hours of my time this week alone. I am so ready for this.

Curious about the compare/contrast with 0mq.

You could implement something like the Teleport Tool using 0mq or RabbitMA or other such. The difference is that this approach would be: (a) Heavy-weight, because you require a whole deployment of these messaging queues, (b) It is not decentralized: there's the message queue, in the middle; and therefore it is not portable. Where would you put the 0mq if you were trying to teleport from home to work? At home? At work? You don't need to worry about this with the Teleport Tool.

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