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Show HN: Create interactive HowTo guides with just few clicks - public beta (whatfix.com)
13 points by khadim 1369 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

Am I the only one who finds it a little creepy that they want anyone installing their browser extension to give them access to your entire browsing history?

I'd rather pay for each HowTo that I create or let them run an ad in middle of each presentation. This is seriously cool and has awesome possibilities but I'd hope they would reconsider their business model.

we just want to get browser.extension to ensure flow creation and execution on all sites. Thats the message coming from browser, we dont need browsing data neither its part of our business model.

we are considering enterprise version, private flows as well as ads for monetization.

So as far as I understand this you can either embed this on a website or use the browser extension. Do you have any examples of it being embedded on a website?

I'm interested in adding something this to my webapp, but I'd need to see what it looks like first and I don't want to have to install the extension. I also don't want my users to have to install the extension.

I'm also looking into alternative projects like Joyride from ZURB [1] and Guiders from Optimizely [2].

1: http://zurb.com/playground/jquery-joyride-feature-tour-plugi...

2: https://github.com/jeff-optimizely/Guiders-JS

embed script is used in this app (http://app.searchenabler.com/)

you can see flows on that app here: - http://www.searchenabler.com/faqs/

Thank you for the example. Unfortunately I can't really try any of those examples without logging in to that app...

Anyways, I probably won't add it to my project because, while I think it could be useful, I don't really like how it looks and I think the error handling could be improved. For example, when I clicked the login button in the example you sent the guider just disappeared.

many of the feedback which we got during private beta of whatfix are incorporated (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6019078)

Great tool!

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