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Apparently, money and power don't protect you from usual earthly human stuff.

I only wonder whether it's a bane or rather a blessing to remind cold-blooded professionally successful technocrats, they are the same people as we are.

I won't comment on the private matters here but one has to wonder about the implications of wearing Google Glasses continuously in these troubled last few months.

This is just human nature and not terribly exciting. But after reading that article, I'm wondering whether there's a database somewhere at Google now that contains Google's profile data (with search info, habits, inclinations, geo info...) for a particular real name as well as 23andme's DNA info for a customer with that name (yes, it was news to me that Brin's wife runs 23andme...).

I don't understand how brilliant logical men can so readily dispose of said logic when attracted to a woman in close proximity.

You and your newfangled neocortex thinking you're in charge... :)

Is there a mystery, really?

Perhaps they are not as logical as you would think, and the woman in question is not as stupid or illogical as you would think (i.e. it's not just her looks).

How does logic dictates one shouldn't follow his/her heart, anyway? It's a tricky thing.

It's not so hard to understand...

But it's also why companies have policies around dating coworkers and subordinates. It's very hard to stay in a company if your boss is dating your ex.

So much for "Don't be evil" :-)

The ever popular Wife 2.0 upgrade (since he has sufficient cache). http://www.funny2.com/wifeandgirlfriend.htm

Seen her pic. She's not all that. How strange.

I was at a punk show last night and there was an all female punk band playing. The lead singer was one of the most jaw dropping gorgeous women I've seen in awhile but as the show went on I spent more time watching the drummer. She was giving it her whole soul just rocking out with hair flying everywhere and a big grin on her face. The singer was dancing kind of seductively in a very planned and calculated manner. I was more attracted to the drummer than the singer. Never judge anyone from a picture because it can't show the flicker of emotion over someone's face, or the electric excitement from doing the things that they are passionate about. Those are the things that make a life partner. Those are qualities that outshine almost anything else.

I saw more than her attractiveness (and I don't think she is, which is clearly all you gathered from what I wrote) when I looked at her. I just saw someone with nothing special going for her. Vote me down into oblivion, I just don't see why people still fall for this BS.

If this person did for me what that drummer did for you, then I wouldn't have said what I said. More importantly, if I perceived that this person was generally perceived to be like the drummer you mentioned above, then I would have said something else. What I perceived was something closer to the lead singer you mentioned, but minus the good looks (though I'm sure this woman is attractive to some group): kinda blah.

Yup, because a woman's entire worth and character can be judged by quickly looked at a single "pic"

Of course it can. Not generally the case, but sometimes it's just that simple. Especially if you've been around similar before.

If not that, then you can tell by the fact that she jumped into bed with a married man. And having messed around with another exec, it doesn't take much to see what's going on here.

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