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> using Linux (and a recent Linux) as your main dev system, and in practice this is very rare.

There is the problem right there.

Make it not rare, hire people who work on Linux and prefer it, this is a way for any company to ensure a good hire and not having to find new interview questions or other tricks to weed out the copy-pasters.

Unfortunately declaring "let it be so" isn't enough to make it so.

If you hire only people proficient with Linux, you won't create a sudden thirst for developers to grok Linux. Instead you'll have just limited your talent pool to the subset of developers who enjoy tinkering with OSes. If that's your goal, then great - but most companies are looking for people who can develop well, regardless of their OS preferences.

I prefer OS X. Guess you wouldn't hire me.

I only know devs who work on OSX or Linux machines. OSX isn't that far away from Linux as it is from Windows (my feeling)

I used OSX a few times with the same software I used with Linux. Same browser, same IDE, etc.

I would hire you, especially if you also work close to UI.

I still find the association of mac users with graphics design/video/audio editing interesting.

I've used a mac since 10.4 as my main workstation system and I still get people asking me what they should use for a video editor. I spend most of my time in Emacs, or the Terminal ssh'd into something, or looking at docs in Dash, or in chrome looking at webpages.

I couldn't edit an image to save my life, I leave that to professionals.

I met a few Apple fans in my life, and those who were programmers had a thing for fancy UI - they were not always right, for example the damned switch toggle, but at least they have an opinion and interest. So my small sample size led me to conflate UI and mac users.

So emacs ey, why Mac then? Why not a Linux flavor?

I've used all flavors of Linux (from Gentoo, when there was no installer and I had to use dd, to Ubuntu). I still love Linux, but I don't use it anymore as my main system. I have 2 problems with it:

(1) I want the computer to work for me, not the other way. I used to like to hack everything on my computer, but after years and years of doing that, I've lost my patience. I want things to just work and not break after every damn update. I want to be able to do my real job and use the computer as just a tool.

(2) It looks ugly, the fonts are really bad, nobody cares about UX when designing apps, etc. You can say that I can change that, but as I've said: I want the damn thing to just work out of the box. I understand that maybe you don't care about that, but that's why it's me who's using a Mac. Don't get me wrong, it's nothing wrong in using Linux, it's just not for me anymore.

I'm still using the command line more than the GUI, though. But that is a choice. It combines the best parts of both worlds.

Well, I prefer FreeBSD. Did you mean "*nix"?

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