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Seems to be a pretty devastating problem if you send the exploit text to someone in iMessage. Makes the phone immediately crash - when the phone has been restarted and the user clicks on "messages", it crashes again - I think that it'll need a system restore / hacking of the Messages datastore to fix.

Put the exploit text into the SSID for an iOS personal hotspot - crashes iOS devices when they scan for SSID's to connect to.

It can be fixed by sending the attack again, then deleting the entire chat history with the attacker. (According to a comment the report linked to.)

Actually, just by the attacker sending a long enough text message to push the attack off the screen - which you can do yourself by sending a long text message to yourself from another phone, then forwarding that message to the attacker.

Using Unicode crashes my router, I learnt that previously.

Terrible router firmware strikes again. Which router are you using?

Did you test SSID?

As soon as the device found the exploited SSID name, the SSID selector would restart/crash, meaning that the user couldn't select a new SSID.

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